Four one billion yuan - rare earth - projects to settled in Baotou Industrial Park

Subject to the Development layout of Baotou Rare Earth New Material Industrial Park (Baotou, Inner Mongolia), Jiuyuan District administrative department, a branch of Baotou city,is going to enhance the planning service efficiency, and intervene in the project location in advance and follow the procedures of the project. 

As far, four rare earth projects with total investment about 522 million yuan are undertaking construction in the industry park, they are respectively Hefa rare earth separation production relocation and upgrading project invested by Inner Mongolia Baogang Hefa Rare-Earth Co., Ltd., 3000 tons of high pure rare earth metal and hydrogen storage alloy smelting project invested and constructed by Baotou Ji Qian Rare Earth New Material Co., Ltd, 7500 tons of high purity rare earth metals project invested by Baotou Jinweida Rare Earth Materials Co., Ltd. and the annual output of 3000 tons of high pure rare earth metal and alloy production line project invested by Baotou Pulite New Material Co., Ltd.,. The total Land expropriation for construction is about 114800 flat. Square meter.

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