Magnets are widely used in various fields


Magnets are widely used in automotive industry. They can be found in ABS braking control systems,Automatic clutches, Electric window mechanisms, Windscreen-wiper motors,Directional lighting controls,Seat movement motors,Automatic parking devices,Seatbelt use detection,Alternators,Interior space closures. Our automotive magnets are used to adjust a variety of functions. We have all of the sizes, styles and materials that you will need for your various applications. If there isn't a stock size that meets your requirements, we can custom make an industrial magnet for you.

Magnets are widely used in audio system. Magnets are the key parts to these kinds of commodities. It provides a permanent magnetic field for the coil in the system, rapidly alternating direction of the current brings cone vibrating back and forth, and then the audio signal comes out of the speaker.


Magnets play a very important role in the renewable energy market. Magnetics find their way in solutions for wind, tidal and wave energy. By using magnets and magnetic solution you can reduce or even eliminate the gearbox in wind turbines. Wind turbines working environment is very bad, it must be able to withstand heat, cold, wind, humidity and even salt spray test.

Most of the small home electric appliance requires small dc motors to operate, and small DC motor requires small NdFeB magnets. Small electromagnets are used for doors locks, fire doors and high level kitchen doors. Magnets are an elegant way to temporarily attach objects and are used in panels, doors and windows, hanging Ferro metal objects (knives or tools) or pictures, shelves and even television on walls. 


The magnets are used in a variety of industries, industrial equipments and products. They can be produced by different magnetic materials such as NdFeB, ferrite, SmCo and Alnico material. Furthermore, industrial magnets can be magnetic assemblies which consist of magnet and some other parts like metal, plastic, nylon and etc. The main applications are all kind of motors, stators, rotors, generators, engines, couplings, lifters, separators, filters, tools, electric vehicles and so on.

Multipole Magnets
Multipole ring magnets are custom solutions It is always used together with Hall for speed ,location sensor application.The multipole magnet magnetizing on outdiameter , on inner diameter and axial all can be available.
Diametric Disc Magnets
The diametric disc magnets  are available with NdFeB and Ferrite.
Axial Disc Magnets
axial disc magnets are available in SmCo , NdFeB and Ferrite magnet per your detail application situation


Magnet is used in the voice coil motor (VCM) of the ordinary hard disk.With the development of mobile phone intelligent, the demand for NdFeB permanent magnet is increasing: neodymium iron boron permanent magnets are needed in each smartphone.

With the progress of technology and the development of the times, the application of permanent magnet gear free traction machine has become the mainstream of elevator motor. Because of its advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, maintenance free and inorganic room, the advantages of the land resources are becoming more and more prominent today and in the future.


Medical equipment require high performance and small volume permanent magnets. High performance can help the medical device more accurate and small volume make medical device small form.


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